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This resource directory is focused on resources that support children in grades pre-K through college. For other resources, please call 211 or use the community information database at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries.

Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Cabrillo College

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Academic Competitions

Mock Trial, Santa Cruz County Science & Engineering Fair, Spelling Bee, Student Authors' Fair, Math Contest, California Forestry Challenge.
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A ]


Broad-Based Apprehension, Suppression, Treatment and Alternatives (BASTA) is a new spin on an old effort to convene the pertinent players involved with a student who is at risk of becoming gang involved or is interested in getting out. BASTA, which also means “enough” in Spanish, speaks both to the feeling of the community as well as the internal struggle of the individual.
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, G, M, PS, SS ]

Cabrillo College

Cabrillo College empowers students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and responsible world citizens. With a commitment to quality and equity, we connect all learners to pathways that propel them from where they are to where they aspire to be, including: academic, personal, and career growth.
6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003, Phone: 831.479.6100; 318 Union Street, Watsonville, CA 95076 [ A, CO, FY, SE ]

Cabrillo College - Academic Counseling

All Cabrillo counselors can assist students regarding transfer to four-year universities and in planning for Cabrillo’s career certificates and associate degrees.
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Bldg 100, Aptos, CA 95003, Phone: 831.479.6274; Watsonville Campus: 318 Union Ave. Room A120, Watsonville, CA 95066, Phone: 831.786.4734 [ A, CO ]

Cabrillo College - Accessibility Support Center

The Accessibility Support Center (ASC), formerly Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS), offers a variety of support services for students with disabilities to help ensure their educational success at Cabrillo College. Services are designed to foster independence in Cabrillo programs and activities while providing necessary support for students with disabilities. Services are provided to students enrolled through the Accessibility Support Center include counseling and advising, academic support, referrals and coordination, interpreters, note takers, special classes, special equipment, on-campus transportation, special parking, priority registration, test proctoring, liaison with local, state and federal agencies, specialized adaptive equipment, assistive technology, alternate media and a high tech center with computer adaptations.
6500 Soquel Dr., Room 1073, Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, CO, M ]

Cabrillo College - Admissions

Information on how to apply as well as links to assessment, fees and financial aid.
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003, Phone: 831.479.5782; Watsonville Campus: 318 Union Ave. Watsonville, CA 95076, Phone: 831.786.4701 [ A ]

Cabrillo College - Assessment

The assessment process is required of all new Cabrillo students and is used for course placement in math, English, English as a Second Language. 831.479.6165
6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 [ A ]

Cabrillo College - College and Career Night

Held the first Monday in November at Cabrillo College. Meet with colleges, career and academic programs and attend transfer and financial aid workshop. 831.477.3246,
6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, SE ]

Cabrillo College - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a state-funded effort designed to provide financial, counseling and academic support services for full-time Cabrillo students identified as educationally and economically disadvantaged. 831.479.6305,
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, CO ]

Cabrillo College - Fast Track To Work

Fast Track To Work is a dynamic student services program serving low income, unemployed and under-employed Cabrillo students. Fast Track provides advocacy and supportive services; and promotes student success in achieving career advancement leading to financial self-sufficiency.
6500 Soquel Drive, Room 110, Aptos, CA 95003. [ A, CO, SE ]

Cabrillo College - Financial Aid

Financial aid can help pay for mandatory college fees, textbooks, transportation, room and board and other educational expenses while attending Cabrillo. Explore what’s available and apply for appropriate programs. Main Campus: 831.479.6415; Watsonville Campus: 831.479.6415
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003; Watsonville Campus: 318 Union Ave. Watsonville, CA 95066 [ A ]

Cabrillo College - Guardian Scholars Program

The Cabrillo College Guardian Scholars Program helps current and former foster youth students by providing supportive services to successfully navigate the college systems. Services include: application and enrollment assistance, financial aid and scholarship assistance, academic counseling, peer mentoring, tutoring services, survival living skills and referrals to college and community resources. Other services that help students succeed in school, such as food gift cards scholarship funds are also available to participating sttudents. Offices is open to students to come in and use student computers, study areas.
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Room 1006 Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, CO, FY ]

Cabrillo College - High School Student Resources

Information on a wide variety of Cabrillo College options for high school students including concurrent enrollment and articulated credit. 831.477.3268,
Articulation Office 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003, [ A, CO ]

Cabrillo College - Learning Skills Program

The Learning Skills Program is designed to serve students with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Eligible students utilize accommodations and services which include: extended time on tests in a less distracting environment, note takers, priority registration, assistance with class scheduling, specialized computer applications, tutoring, and/or counseling from DSPS counselors. Learning disability assessments conducted to determine eligibility. Students who have ADHD, or have previously received services because of a learning disability, should bring their supporting documentation to the Learning Skills Program Office. 831.479.6220,
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, CO, SPED ]

Cabrillo College - Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling is offered to help students cope with stressors that are affecting their academic, career, or personal goals. Issues may include wellness, stress, anxiety, alcohol or drug problems, depression, relationship difficulties, anger, low motivation, grief, parenting issues, abuse or other issues affecting your personal well being.
Main Campus 6500 Soquel Dr. Room 907 Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, CO, HW, M, SE ]

Cabrillo College - Puente Project

The mission of the Puente Project is to increase the number of educationally underserved students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors to succeeding generations.
6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003; 318 Union, Watsonville, CA 95076. [ A, CO, M, SE ]

Cabrillo College - Registration

Information on registration for continuing, new and high school students who want to co-enroll at Cabrillo. , Main Campus: 831.479.6415; Watsonville Campus: 831.479.6415
Main Campus: 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003; Watsonville Campus: 318 Union Ave. Watsonville, CA 95066 [ A ]

Cabrillo College - Running Start

Provides graduating high school seniors from Santa Cruz County high school priority registration for Fall classes. 831.479.5759
Main Campus 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, SE ]

Cabrillo College - Scotts Valley Center

Offers classes to help with career and educational goals.
104 Whispering Pines Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066, Phone: 831.477.3400 [ A, SE ]

Cabrillo College - The Outreach and Recruitment Office

The Outreach and Recruitment Office serves prospective students and their parents by introducing them to information, processes, and resources that will increase their awareness of the college experience, inform them of their educational options at Cabrillo, and provide them with steps to help them reach their educational goals. 831.479.5759,
Main Campus 6500 Soquel Dr. Room 907 Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, CO, PS ]

Cabrillo College - Watsonville Center

Offers a selection of classes that fulfill requirements and prerequisites for general education, transfer, career training and associate's degree level programs of study.
318 Union Ave., Watsonville, CA 95073, Phone: 831.786.4700 [ A, CO, SE ]

Cabrillo Summer Youth Institute

The Cabrillo Youth Summer Institute (CYSI) gives junior high and high school students the opportunity to begin their journey to college & careers. Students spend a week exploring a chosen “career path” through both classroom and hands-on activities. 831.477.3246
6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, SE ]

Career Exploration - Career Pathways

This online service is available through the Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C) website. Each sector contains multiple career pathways in which students can explore a career area now that best fits their interests. The Industry Sectors listed will enable students to research career pathways that can help them make informed decisions about their future.
6500 Soquel Drive 2100B Aptos, CA. 95003 [ A, CO, SE ]

Career Exploration - Career Zone

This online service is available through the Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C) website. Career information and resources for middle school and high school students. Students can do self assessments, explore job sectors and occupations.
6500 Soquel Drive 2100B Aptos, CA. 95003 [ A, SE ]

Career Exploration - My Success Plan

This online service is available through the Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C) website. Provides guidance on creating a success plan including steps to take during high school years.
6500 Soquel Drive 2100B Aptos, CA. 95003 [ A, SE ]

Escuela Quetzal

Escuela Quetzal is a counseling school designed for young people who are willing to participate in intense self-assessment in such topics as family and relationships, drugs and alcohol, behavior, school, communication and negative peer influence. Students determine what obstacles are in their lives and what is not working for them, and receive support in creating and reaching their goals through individual, group and family counseling sessions. A collaboration between the Santa Cruz County Office of Education (COE) and Encompass Community Services, Escuela Quetzal is a fully accredited high school providing academic coursework geared toward high school graduation. Students are expected to actively participate in all classroom activities as well as individual, group and family counseling sessions and also have the opportunity to participate in community outings, activities and volunteer opportunities. Any junior high or high school teen aged 14 – 19 who has the desire to actively participate in individual and group counseling, wants to create positive change in his or her life, and is experiencing difficulties functioning in a traditional school environment qualifies for this program. Call (831) 688-8856 x0 for more information.
241 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville, CA 95076 [ A, CO ]

Foster Youth Services (FYS)

Students in Transition (SIT) and Foster Youth Services (FYS) provide displaced students crucial support in accordance with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and the AB 490 California law for foster youth. The McKinney-Vento legislation defines homeless as individuals "who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate night time residence." This definition includes "children and youth awaiting foster care placement." This means that youth awaiting placement with foster care are considered homeless and are covered by McKinney-Vento. For this reason there is a great deal of overlap between SIT and FYS. 
400 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, FY, H, SE ]


FosterEd improves the educational outcomes of foster children by ensuring each is supported by an educational champion and strengthened by an education team. We connect educational champions -- typically the child's biological, foster, or adoptive parent -- with a volunteer support person who can help build the educational champion's capacity to support the child's education. If you are interested in volunteering to provide individualized support and mentoring to an educational champion, please contact us!
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Please contact us at 831-763-8997. [ A, FY, M, PS ]

Mock Trial

Mock Trial offers students an opportunity to learn about the law and then practice it in a real-life setting - the county's courtrooms. Participating students commit a significant amount of time and effort, working several months to prepare for the late-winter event.
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, LS ]

Residential Outdoor Science School Program

At the Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School, fifth and sixth grade students experience a four- or five-day residential, hands-on science program. Students focus on investigating the rich coastal redwood forest ecosystem that surrounds our coastal community.
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, REC ]

Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP)

The Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides student 16+ with the opportunity to acquire career training and technical skills that prepare them for success in a changing workplace and continuing education. They provided job training for youth 16 and older and some adults (currently restricted to a few programs). Internships.
400 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, SE ]

Santa Cruz County College Commitment

The goal of S4C is to improve career and college readiness and completion for students in Santa Cruz County, so that every student succeeds. 831.477.3246,
6500 Soquel Dr. Rm. 2100 B Aptos, CA 95003 [ A, SE ]

Students in Transition Program

Students in Transition (SIT) and Foster Youth Services (FYS) provide displaced students crucial support in accordance with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and the AB 490 California law for foster youth. The McKinney-Vento legislation defines homeless as individuals "who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate night time residence." This definition includes "children and youth awaiting foster care placement." This means that youth awaiting placement with foster care are considered homeless and are covered by McKinney-Vento. For this reason there is a great deal of overlap between SIT and FYS.
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, FY, H ]

Sueños Program

The Sueños Program provides youth with a supportive learning environment, encourages them to set attainable career goals, connects them to community resources, and helps youth establish valuable and lasting relationships.
229 Green Valley Rd, Freedom, CA 95019 [ A, M, SE ]

Teen Peer Court

Teen Peer Court is a program run by teens for teens. The objective of the Teen Peer Court program is to interrupt the developing pattern of criminal behavior in referred juveniles by promoting self-esteem, motivation for self-improvement, forming a healthy attitude toward authority, and increasing education.
400 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, LS, REC ]

Work 4 Youth

"Santa Cruz County youth, ages 14 to 24, are provided with enriching and constructive summer work experiences through both subsidized and unsubsidized job placements. Youth ages 14-15 will be permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. Youth ages 16-24 will be permitted to work 25 to 30 hours a week. Space is limited, so be sure to apply early! W4Y is for youth with no employment. "
See Website [ A, SE ]

Work Experience (WEX)

Subsidized Work Experience (WEX) placements, continued service to youth ages 14 through 16, the contract requirement to restrict services to youth living in the Watsonville and Freedom zip codes, training and certification program options, and contracting capacity.
400 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, M, SE ]

YES School

YES School in Santa Cruz provides sobriety-seeking teens with the information, skills and support necessary for establishing and maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. YES is a fully accredited recovery high school operated in collaboration between the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and Encompass Youth Services. Students are expected to actively participate in all classroom activities and attend counseling groups as a core part of the school day. Any young person in the community is eligible for admission so long as they have expressed a desire for assistance with substance abuse recovery. Services are free thanks to partnerships with County Office of Education, Santa Cruz County Children’s Mental Health and community donations to Youth Services. Donations are encouraged. YES students are expected to fully participate both in the classroom and in group, individual and family counseling sessions. Students must make a commitment to be completely clean and sober and attend twelve-step meetings on their own time. The YES School provides a safe place for young people to be in recovery. The students support each other in remaining clean and sober and through their common struggle build a clean and sober youth community. Contact Info: (831) 429-8350 x0
709 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, HW ]


211 in Santa Cruz County can help you find food, housing, health care, senior services, child care, legal aid and much more. Call today. Free. Confidential. Multilingual. Available 24/7.
Phone Only [ A, CO, FN, FY, HW, H, LS, M, PS, Q, SS, SPED, SE ]

Arts Council Santa Cruz County SPECTRA Arts Education

SPECTRA Matching Grants provide schools from throughout the County with up to $1,500 to support offering curriculum-based learning opportunities to students through arts workshops, residencies, and performances taught by SPECTRA artists. The SPECTRA Artist Teacher Partnership (ATP) is a program that unites elementary classroom teachers with mentor artists. Each pair concentrates on one of the major arts disciplines: Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual Arts, and work over a 16-week period to design and deliver arts instruction to students in the generalist's classroom. SPECTRA Special Initiatives: The Arts Council applies for government and foundation grants for special educational projects and acts as a conduit between donors and private foundations to re-grant or implement arts education programming in schools. Through Family Arts Nights, parents, grandparents, and children spend an evening with SPECTRA Teaching Artists who are brought into a school to teach families in a variety of arts disciplines. Teaching Artist Directory: A roster of highly qualified professional teaching artists in the Visual, Performing and Literary Arts is maintained and updated annually.
1070 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, G, HW, M, Q, REC, SPED, SE ]

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth mentoring program that provides children and youth facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. In addition to its one-to-one mentoring program, Big Brothers Big Sisters also offers an after school enrichment and mentoring program at two low income housing complexes in south Santa Cruz County (Pajaro Valley Unified School District). There is no fee for service. Bilingual services are available. Phone: 464-8691
1500 41st Ave, Suite 250 Capitola, CA 95010 [ A, G, HW, M, PS, REC, SE ]

Bilingual Baby and Toddler Laptime Programs at the Watsonville and Freedom Libraries (pre-reading and social skills)

Bilingual Laptime (6-30 months): Wed. 10:30 am @ Freedom Branch. Bilingual Toddler Time (2-4 yrs): Wed. 11:30 am @ Freedom Branch. Thursdays 10:30 am @ Main Library 831-768-3420
Santa Cruz County Libraries in Watsonville and Freedom [ A, REC ]

Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County

A youth guidance organization dedicated to promoting the educational, vocational, social, and character development of girls and boys ages 6-18.\r\nAfterschool program hours: M, T,Th,F 2-7pm, W - 12:30-7pm. \r\nTransportation to the club is available afterschool.\r\nSummer program hours: M-F 7:30am - 6:00pm\r\nCost: $81.00 annual membership fee\r\n During the afterschool and summer programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County, Club members are encouraged to participate in a variety of programs and activities that promote good character, academic success, personal responsibility, exploration and fun. While at the Club, members are placed in age appropriate groups and have scheduled time in each of our program areas, ensuring they receive a fulfilling, well-rounded experience. Activities include homework help & tutoring, computer & technology programs, arts & crafts projects, gym/sports activities,swimming,games-room tournaments and much more!
543 Center Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060; 925 17th Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062 [ A, FY, HW, M, PS, REC, SE ]

Breakaway Afterschool Academy

The Breakaway Academy is a soccer-based academic support program, serving youth in the 7th-12th grades across the Pajaro Valley. Each program day, youth receive soccer training and tutoring. College readiness resources are also provided, and include field trips to college campuses in conjunction with a college soccer games; learning from college-level players, coaches, and academic mentors; and college scholarships. Currently, the Breakaway Academy has a high school program site at Watsonville High on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year, and a middle school program site at Pajaro Middle School on Mondays and Wednesdays during the school year. A separate Breakaway Summer program is held in June-July at Watsonville High.
Watsonville High School, Watsonville, CA 95076 [ A, G, HW, M, REC ]

California Department of Education Procedural Safeguards Referral Service

Provides technical assistance information and resources for parents, school districts, advocates, agencies and others of procedural safeguards regarding students between ages 3 and 21 with disabilities and their educational rights. 479-6431
See Website [ A, LS, PS, SPED ]

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

CASAs are volunteer lifelines of support and a powerful voice in court for abused and neglected youth.They offer permanency transition meetings and college counseling.
See Website [ A, CO, FY, M ]

Encompass Community Services - Transition Age Youth Program (TAY)

Transition Age Youth Programs serve current and former foster and probation placement youth ages 15-24. We provide an array of programs and services including counseling, skills building, a resource center, and subsidized supportive housing. Our mission is to support and empower youth in making a healthy transition into successful adulthood.
380 Encinal St #200, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, FN, FY, HW, H, M, REC, SS, SE ]

Ending the Silence, NAMI Santa Cruz County

Ending the Silence is a 50-minute program designed for middle and high school audiences. It is typically presented in the freshman/sophomore health classes during the mental health portion of the curriculum. This transformational program is devoted to giving students an opportunity to learn about mental illness through an informative PowerPoint, short videos, and personal testimony. Through the presentation, students learn symptoms and indicators of mental illness, and are given ideas about how to help themselves, friends, or family members who may be in need of support.
[ A, CO, HW ]

FAFSA/Pell Grant

To get a Pell grant, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. The amount depends on your financial need, costs to attend school, status as a full-time or part-time student, and plans to attend school for a full academic year or less.
See Website [ A, SE ]

Fairgrounds Child Development Center (Community Bridges)

Serving children ages 3-5 years old.
2601 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville 95076 (831) 786-9621 [ A, DC, FN, HW, PS ]


FOOD, WHAT?! is a youth empowerment and food justice program using food, through sustainable agriculture and health, as the vehicle for growing strong, healthy, and inspired teens. We partner with low-income and at-risk youth to grow, cook, eat, and distribute healthy, sustainably raised food and address food justice issues in our community.
See Website [ A, FN, HW, M, SE ]

For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay

We assist with mostly one-time critical needs for those from ages birth through twenty. Typically, our applicants need medical, dental, vision or educational assistance. All applications are brought to the Board of Directors for consideration. Our Board consists of those in professions of education, children's attorney, neo-natal pediatrics, social work and nutrition for women, children and infants. We are an all-volunteer organization making a difference in our community one child at a time.
P.O. Box 891, Capitola, CA 95010 [ A, CO, FN, FY, HW, H, Q, REC ]

Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast

Girl Scouts is the world's preeminent organization for developing leadership skills in girls and young women, building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Our Council is a local organization chartered by Girl Scouts of the USA to provide support for Girl Scouting and Girl Scout troops/groups in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. Central coast living provides a richness which when added to the Girl Scout program creates options only limited by the girls themselves in choosing and designing activities that follow their interests and dreams. From fitness in rock climbing, soccer and surfing to art and mural design, girls are presented with a multitude of options. Plus, by tapping into scientific and marine biology resources and the mosaic of cultures, food and music to be found in the local region, girls acquire understanding and growth in knowledge. Just as the geography of the six counties is diverse, so are its communities and residents. Since its inception, Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast has taken responsibility to be a community resource, leading as well as collaborating to create outreach programs in migrant camps and other non-traditional settings, and tackling such contemporary issues as teen parenthood, drugs and alcohol. A twenty-year collaboration with Pajaro Valley Unified School District's Migrant Education Program recently won a GSUSA Quality Recognition Award. (831) 633-4877
See Website [ A, M, REC ]

Head Start & Early Head Start

Head Start supports school readiness and promotes healthy families through delivery of education, health and social services. Early Head Start (EHS) enrolls low-income families with infants and toddlers. The pre-natal months and the first three years of life are periods of incredible growth in all areas of a baby's development. (831) 688-3802
225 Westridge Drive Watsonville, CA 95076 [ A, CO, FN, HW ]

Independent Living Program (ILP)

The Independent Living Program (ILP) assists current and former foster and probation placement youth aged 15-21 to develop independent living skills and achieve educational/vocational goals to successfully transition to self-sufficiency. ILP services include one-on-one counseling, assistance with obtaining ID Cards, Driving Permits, and Licenses, and weekly workshops at Cabrillo College on topics such as money management, personal health, finding independent housing, and obtaining financial aid for college. ILP also has a Rewards program that offers youth incentives for pursuing their education and participating in extra-curricular activities. NOTE: There is a specific protocol for working with ILP students. Check in with supervisors prior to contacting ILP.
542 Ocean Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, FY, SE ]

Kids Programs at the Library

Toddler Time, Preschool Story Time, Homework Help and other activities for children at different branches of the Santa Cruz County Public Library
[ A, REC ]

Launch Pad

Launch Pad is open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 3:00 to 5:30 PM in Soquel Village and offers one-to-one, specialized instruction to students with learning disabilities and differences, such as dyslexia, or significant gaps in achievement from a variety of causes.
4951 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA [ A, REC, SPED ]

Learn to Discover

After-School nonprofit Program providing STEM-based classes to youth ages 4 and up in multiple sites in Santa Cruz County. Offering classes in robotics, video game design, engineering, electronics, LEGO building, design, animation, marine biology, forensics, CAD, computer literacy, making, and much more.
1855 41st Avenue, Capitola, CA 95010 [ A, M, REC, SE ]

Mariposa Arts

Mariposa Arts provides after-school arts programs and community workshops for youth that focus on building leadership and social skills and promoting academic success and career development through the arts. The Mariposa Arts TEACH model delivers year-long teacher training coupled with lessons in the arts to high school students. Together with professional Mariposa Arts teaching artists and high school teachers travel to local elementary schools twice weekly to teach. High school students also learn about classroom management, lesson planning, and public speaking; all skills that help them to develop as leaders and to be prepared for the workforce. Mariposa Arts provides high school youth not only the pride and excitement of a paid job, but also a window into the experience of teaching. Elementary school students have high school role models and are able to create art together and learn about themselves. High school students receive stipends for their internship, earn elective credits, and provide service to elementary school sites that are lacking in art and enrichment programs. The internship aspect of the program also provides high school students with the important role of helping to educate, engage, and inspire a younger generation, while simultaneously gaining important work experience. Mariposa Arts has numerous programs including Art TEACH, Mural TEACH, Drama TEACH, Guitar TEACH, African Drum TEACH, and Hip Hop Poetry.
112 East Beach Street, Watsonville, CA : 95076 [ A, G, HW, M, Q, REC, SPED, SE ]

Monterey Bay Career Connect

Monterey Bay Career Connect is your one-stop hub for college and career readiness. Providing free and accessible information to the community, users can explore career pathways, find local scholarships, take a career assessment, find career matches and local salary information, explore related academic programs and view live job postings in the Monterey Bay region. The site features a Resume Builder which allows users to build and save multiple resumes online by signing in via email.
[ A, CO, FY, M, PS, SPED, SE ]

Natural History Museum Summer Camps

Connect your kids with nature this summer through Natural History Museum camps. Hone your artistic skills in nature, become a junior curator, or embark on an outdoor adventure! Online registration is now open at www.santacruzmuseum.org
1305 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 [ A, REC ]

Nuevo Dia Child Development Center (Community Bridges)

Serving children ages 3-5 years
Serving children ages 3-5 years old. 135 Liebrandt Street, Santa Cruz 95060, (831) 426-1276 [ A, DC, FN, HW, PS ]

Parents and Teachers as Allies, NAMI Santa Cruz County

This presentation focuses on helping school professionals and families better understand the early warning signs of mental illnesses in children and adolescents and how best to intervene. It also covers the lived experience of mental illnesses and how schools can best communicate with families. It has been presented at Teacher In-service, Parent Meetings and Parent/Family meetings. Presentation can be modified to fit time slot. The full presentation is 1.5 hours but we have given a modified version in as little as 45 minutes.
[ A, CO, HW ]


An intensive, independent project that engages students' interests, betters the world in some way, and helps them stand out to top universities. Students can either choose to utilize the director's help with every aspect of planning, or learn to do it themselves. Students can also take fully WASC and UC A-G accredited one-on-one classes, each of them taught by dedicated teachers who are experts in their fields, passionate about their work, and focused on engaging children with a high degree of interactivity.
2392 North Rodeo Gulch Road, Soquel CA 95073 [ A, CO, M, PS, SE ]

Redwood Mountain Preschool (Community Bridges)

Serving children ages 3-5 years old.
7103 Highway 9, Suite A, Felton, CA, (831) 335-3222 [ A, DC, FN, HW, PS ]

SPIN of Santa Cruz County (Special Parents Information Network)

Parent-to-parent support, networking, and resource information over the phone and educational workshops for parents of children of all ages with special needs. P.O. Box 2367, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 (831)722-2800 info@spinsc.org
P.O. Box 2367, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 [ A, CO, PS, SPED ]

Summer Day Camp at the YMCA

Y sports camps and activities provide children opportunities to become more confident and healthy.. Activities include swim lessons, basketball, princess camp, science camp, art camp, etc…
See Website [ A, REC ]

Sycamore Street Child Development Center (Community Bridges)

Serving children ages 3-5 years
121 Sycamore Street, Santa Cruz 95060 (831) 454-9920 [ A, DC, FN, HW, PS ]

UCSC - Smith Renaissance Society

The Smith Renaissance Society, a program with many years of success, offers academic and financial support services for independent UC Santa Cruz students. It also provides a strong social network of mentors and peers to help students reach their academic goals. The Smith Renaissance Society reaches out to independent high school and community college students.
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 [ A, CO, FY, HW, H, M, REC, SE ]

Vista Verde Child Development Center (Community Bridges)

Serving children ages 3-5 years
Serving children ages 3-5 years old. 1940 Freedom Boulevard, Watsonville 95076, (831) 724-3749 [ A, DC, FN, HW, PS ]

Watsonville Parks & Community Services - Recreation Centers

Callaghan Park Cultural Center - free drop-in program offers youth opportunities to build skills, meet friends and learn new things. Some of the many activities offered include foosball, pool, basketball, board games, and art classes. Structured games and activities occur daily. Gene Hoularis and Waldo Rodriguez Youth Center - one stop afterschool “chill spot.” The G.H.W.R. Youth Center offers free programs and services for youth ages 6-22 years old. Kick it with your friends, get homework help, or check out a variety of exciting activities. Teen Room where you can hang out, watch TV or listen to music, bring your game console and hook it up to our TV with surround sound. In addition, the Youth Center offers a variety of trips, classes, and special and late night events for middle and high school students. Marinovich Park Community Center - Free, fun drop-in activities, in a safe and supportive environment. The drop-in program includes arts & crafts activities, physical activities, cooking classes, trips, non-competitive tournaments and much more! Muzzio Park Community Center - home of our popular gymnastics program. Ramsay Park Family Center Muzzio Ramsay Park Family Center - The Ramsay Park Family Center offers the F.L.Y.E.R.S. after school program and Camp W.O.W. during summer, winter and spring breaks from school.
Callaghan Park Cultural Center: 225 Sudden St., Watsonville. Phone: 728-6084. Gene Hoularis and Waldo Rodriguez Youth Center: 30 Maple Ave., Watsonville. Phone: 768-3248. Marinovich Community Center: 120 Second St., Watsonville: Phone: 768-3250. Muzzio Park Community Center: 26 W. Front St., Watsonville. Phone: 763-9089. Ramsay Park Family Center: 1301 Main St., Watsonville. Phone: 768-3270. [ A, M, REC ]

Your Future Is Our Business

Non-profit organization, staffed by post-secondary interns, whose mission is to link the youth of Santa Cruz County with career exploration. Your Future Is Our Business partners with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Santa Cruz County School Districts, and local colleges and universities to provide career exploration experiences: career panels, College and Career expos, informational interviews, job site visits, job shadows, mentors, internships.
6500 Soquel Drive, Building 2100 B, Aptos, CA 95003; 399 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [ A, CO, FY, M ]

Youth in Wilderness Program (Ventana Wilderness Alliance)

Youth in Wilderness (YiW) provides a unique wilderness immersion experience for local young people of central California. On overnight backpacking trips in the Big Sur backcountry (Ventana and Silver Peak Wildernesses - native lands of the Rumsen, Esselen, and Salinan people), local young adults are welcomed to nature in a safe, fun and inclusive way. Those who participate on YiW backpacking trips gain leadership experience, undergo self-discovery, and are introduced to environmental conservation ethics. They will also be introduced to the intersection between environmental and social justice. All trips are free for participants - all essential backpacking gear, leadership, and food is provided. We collaborate with Community Partners who help us recruit participants and arrange for their own transportation. All overnight backpacking trips are supported by preparatory workshops, either at partner sites or on day-hikes at regional parks with the backpacking group.
PO Box 506, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 [ A, FN, FY, G, M, Q, REC ]

Youth N.O.W. Student Center

Youth N.O.W Center is an After School Student Center that provides no-cost tutoring and academic support, as well as, a safe social environment for middle and high school students in the downtown Watsonville area. We have a site for high school students located on Carr Street and one for middle school students located on Madison Street. Each site has both a learning center space and a recreational social space. We offer individualized contracted tutoring, homework help, independent study, school project resources, computer labs, and printing services. Our social and recreational spaces are comprised of a high school ‘coffee house’ and the middle school gym, with activities such as enrichment classes, clubs, sports clinics and evening social events. We offer a five-week all-day program in the summer reflective of our school-year programming. No-cost food is offered at both sites thanks to our community partners.
31 Carr Street, Watsonville, CA 95076 (High School Site); 15 Madison Street, Watsonville, CA 95076 (Middle School Site) [ A, G, M, REC ]

Youth Resource Bank

Offer assistance for a wide variety of needs including shoes and clothing, child car seats, school supplies, job placements, mental health counseling, and dental and legal services.
See Website [ A, CO, FN, FY, G, HW, H, LS, REC, SE ]