SCCOE Student Resources


Online support is meant to support students who participate in studies online or who would like to access online resources to study or complete assignments. Here you can learn about resources and find expert advice and information about looking after your wellbeing and mental health as you progress through your studies.

Learn more about online resources for students

There are many one-to-one support services available these days. Individuals have access to webchat, text, or email where specific issues can be addressed via your university portal. Many adult learners are taking on online classes, and this number is expected to increase. It is therefore essential to learn more about the online resources’ students have access to.

When you are studying remotely or from the comfort of your own home, support will be an essential part of your journey. Access some helpful tips and resources via this site to aid you in your studies.

The benefits of accessing online libraries and resources

Discover a range of online platforms like YouTube and online libraries to succeed. Land-based Colleges don’t always consider the problem of time and the many hours that occupies the time of their students. For a student juggling between a job and studies, every minute is crucial.

With the current popularity of online education, there are many challenges, and it is not always possible to reach the thousands of students attending a land-based university. Find out how online resources can help to alleviate this issue.

Learn to see the signs

Access articles and information about mental health and wellbeing. In this way, you can learn to see the signs of stress and anxiety. It is never too early to reach out for help at your educational institution. Find out why every educational institution needs student support services.