Different Kinds of Student Support Services

Different Kinds of Student Support Services

Every student should have the necessary support and opportunity to succeed in their studies. Online support services can provide the tools and resources necessary for students with a range of learning needs to grow as students. Here are some examples of popular support services that you can access.

English language proficiency

With so many students coming from different parts of the world speaking languages other than English, it is often necessary to provide some extra support in this regard. Giving English lessons to students whose primary language is not English has become a common occurrence.

Students can work on improving their English proficiency with a focus on listening skills, reading, writing, and more.

Students who need translation services for anything related to their studies (verbal or written) can contact the relevant resources or support at their institution.

Psychologist and Guidance counselor

There should be a psychologist on duty whose primary role is to provide psychological assessments and support. There is a special focus on mental health these days, with many students often battling depression or anxiety.

Guidance services can involve a range of activities. Parental consultations for academic concerns can be held, plus workshops that help to address social and emotional issues. Students can also be referred to external services outside the institution for additional support.

Special education services

Some students may meet the criteria for receiving special education services from their educational institution. It serves as a guide for the student’s progress throughout their journey with the institution. These special support services may include and are not limited to occupational therapists, speech therapists, and language pathologists.

Find the right student support service

Support services can be conducted in small groups outside of the classroom or within regular classroom settings. The individuals who lead these support programs are often well trained to support and assist students in need. However, make sure you locate the service that is right for you.